Pizza boxes and  carpet care products contain the same carcinogenic chemicals, according to scientists

On Friday a warning was issued by a group of environmental scientists about chemicals known as PFASs which are commonly used.

The chemicals polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl, reports the New York Times, are highly persistent product found in almost  everything from pizza boxes to carpet treatments.

Lynne Peeples writes at the Huffington Post, “If you got pastry with your coffee this morning, a PFAS substance probably lined the waxy paper it was served on.”

In the pizza box case, the chemicals aid in prevention of the grease from soaking the boxes.

In the May 1 journal Environmental Health Perspectives, the scientific consensus known as the Madrid Statement,  petitioned by 200 scientists from 38 countries, issued a dire warning urging for restrictions.

A former type of PFAS, propagated by DuPont many years ago in Teflon products, is no longer put in use as it raises concerns that the chemicals lingered in bodies and elevated the risk of cancer.

In today’s warning petition, scientists urged for the replacement of PFASs and lays out a roadmap for information gathering for preventing adverse effect on environmental, human and animal well being.

“Research is needed to find safe alternatives to all current use of PFASs.  The question is, should these chemicals continue to be used in consumer products in the meantime, given their persistence in the environment?” official from the Health and Human Services, Linda Birnbaum writes.

Representatives from DuPont and from the chemical industry insist that the chemicals are safe.




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