Ebola Virus can be transmitted similar to STDs, Scientists

There’s a new way by which Ebola virus can be transmitted. It’s through sexual intercourse and scientists now believe that this is highly possible. Previous experience leads us to believe that the virus can survive for at least 3 months in the human semen. So it’s surprising if after 5 months the virus is still alive.

It was last Friday when a report was filed concerning a 44-year old woman who contracted the disease after having intimate relationship with a former Ebola patient.

The Liberian woman in question had an unprotected sex with her husband September last year and it was during March this year that it was discovered that the she contracted the disease herself.

Other mode infection include direct contact with patient’s saliva, urine, sweat and of course the semen in case of men. The CDC said once the victim is cured they are no longer infectious. However, the virus has more than 3 month’s life span when in semen.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention spokesperson Kristen Nordlund said that, “There have been fewer than 10 such cases. It’s been difficult to pinpoint that sex was the only way they may have been infected.”

Dr. Sakoba Keita, in-charge of Ebola national response said the woman, a resident of Macenta town has been infected. Atyer unprotected sex with her husband. Health officials are now issuing bulletins instructing previous victims to abstain from having sex or use condoms if they do.

The Ebola epidemic which started in 2013 was the worst in in its history infecting 26,333 in West African nations three of the hardest hit were Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The death toll was at 10, 907.

Source: http://www.youthhealthmag.com/articles/15136/20150504/scientists-confirm-that-ebola-could-be-transferred-through-sex.htm



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