Researchers Discovered that Dead Zones are ‘Contagious’and can Multiply to Give Rise to Others  

Dead zones abound in the Atlantic Ocean. These are the areas with low salt and oxygen concentration. Researchers said that this is more rampant off the coast of Africa where mass killing of marine life is reaching an alarming level.

Johannes Karstensen, the lead researcher is from Germany, and is connected with GEOMAR Helmholtz Centr for Ocean Research Kiel. She and several other scientists have been on this part of the ocean for more than a a decade now studying.

It is every few years that scientists inspect the instruments they leave behind and  them for any development when they come back.  Karstensen told in 2010 that “the typically high oxygen was very low” when they took readings on their instruments. They all saw the sudden decline of what supposed to be high oxygen to low oxygen. There was almost nothing to read which was really surprising for them.

“First we thought there was a problem with the censor, but we have another instrument a little deeper, about 100 meters, and that also recorded much lower values typically found in that range.”

Dead Zones have become fairly common according to the report by Nature World. These are more typical in coastlines where there are people living. They use a lot fertilizers and other nutrient containing chemicals which the rains carry to the rivers and the rivers carry them to the sea which cause algae blooms.

When the bacteria go to action decomposing the algae, it uses up a lot of oxygen which deprives the surrounding with it. These low oxygen water does not stay in one place but is carried by currents to other places of the ocean. New dead zones are then formed.

When new dead zones are formed, they are formed within eddies, with large amount of water spinning like a whirlpool.



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