Russia lost control of Progress 59 which sends it crashing back to Earth


The Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos) was not able to regain its control over Progress 59  despite its efforts which was loaded with 6,000 pounds of food, water , clothes and equipment . It told TASS, the news agency of the country, that it is expecting the vessel to crash and burn when it heads back to the atmosphere anytime between May 5th and 7th.  It is supposed to transport all the supplies to the ISS, yet it eventually came crashing uncontrollably in the wrong orbit right after it got through outer space.

TASS said the Soyuz rocket engine that sent the vessel to its course might have “overworked” as a result of a control system malfunction which had caused it to burn and made the cargo lose its control making it whirl uncontrollably into space.

Roscosmos was not able to connect with Progress which is even more difficult for them to guide it back to the space station. It would also be too risky to dock an uncontrollable whirling spacecraft.

It was reported that this was the second time in six months that the supplies were not able to reach the ISS due to other factors. Orbital Science rocket also exploded six seconds before it launched in October 2014 which was carrying 5,000 pounds of supplies.

Although the ISS crew had food and water to last until early August even with the two other failed resupply missions. Yet it had cost them the propellant that was in the Progress’ cargo which is needed to sustain the space station’s altitude. The crew is expected to manage until SpaceX’s Dragon capsule reaches there successfully with the supplies that they need in June.






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