Sunbathers beware: The sun is the number one cause od common skin cancer in UK

People who love sunbathing are now advised to stop exposing themselves constantly to the sun since it had caused the most common cancer in the UK.

Most people claim they got sunburned over the year which has put them to a higher risk of getting melanoma , according to a survey made by the British Association of Dermatologist (BAD) .

It has also shown that 96 percent of British people have not submitted themselves to regular monthly check ups for skin cancer which is highly suggested . There would be  77 percent of them who will not be able to notice the symptoms of the disease.

It is said that those who got sunburned is twice at risk of getting melanoma.  However ,according to the survey 72 percent of people already claim they had been sunburned the other year.

In the UK, skin cancer is the most prevalent that each year 250, 000 new cases of non-melanoma- skin cancer is determined which adds up to more than 13,000 cases of melanoma that ends in about 2,148 deaths each year.

The number of people who had sunburn is just startling according to BAD’s Johnathon Major and said  “This is a reflection of poor sun protection habits – people underestimate the damage that sunburn can do to their skin, and many think that skin reddening is just a harmless part of the tanning process, rather than a sure sign that you have damaged your skin irreparably.”

“Rising skin cancer rates are a major health concern for the UK, and some dermatology departments are stretched to capacity trying to keep up with cases. “  said Charlotte Proby, Professor of Dermatology at Ninewells Hospital and Medical School in Dundee, and Chair of the British Association of Dermatologists’ Skin Cancer Prevention Committee .

“Many people in the UK are aware of the dangers; however, this has yet to translate into a culture of sun protection and skin checking which would do a lot to curb the incidence and deaths from this disease.



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