Pizza boxes contain carcinogenic materials just like the ones found in your carpets and more

There’s something very important going on that everyone needs to know. This is what a group of environmental scientists seem to indicate.

It’s about PFASs.

PFASs is the acronym of a chemical which is known by its real name of polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl. It is commonly found in almost everything that we deal with every day from pizza boxes to carpets according to the New York Times.

What’s the urgency and why?

“If you got a pastry with your coffee this morning, a PFAS substance probably even lined the waxy paper it was served on,” writes Lynne Peeples at the Huffington Post. (In the case of the pizza boxes, the chemicals are responsible in ensuring that they are grease free)

The warning was issued last May 1 and is published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives which included a declaration signed by 200 scientists from 38 different countries asking for restrictions known as the Madrid Statement.

DuPont promoted one of the previous types of PFAS several years ago was withdrawn from public use because it was known that the chemical adhere to the body and concerns were raised that it may be carcinogenic.

In the latest warning issued, scientists are in one mind that the replacement PFASs needs more study to ensure that they’re not like their predecessors.

“Research is needed to find safe alternatives for all current uses of PFASs,” writes Health and Human Services official Linda Birnbaum in a companion commentary piece. “The question is, should these chemicals continue to be used in consumer products in the meantime, given their persistence in the environment?”

Representative from DuPont particularly together with those from other chemical companies maintained that the chemicals are totally safe.




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