Ebola Strikes Again: Liberian Woman Feared to Have Probably Caught the Virus after Having Unprotected Sex with a Male Survivor

A Liberian woman was suspected to have caught the virus after having unprotected sex with a male survivor of the fatal disease, more than six months after he was treated.

The 44-year-old woman from Monrovia was confirmed positive for Ebola on March 20.  It was only a span of 14 days after having unsafe sex with a 46-year- old who was confirmed negative for the said virus.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated in a report that the man was primarily infected on September 9, 2014. However, after undergoing several tests that proved that his symptoms have cleared up and there were no longer signs of the virus in his bloodstream, he was released from the treatment center on October 7.

But unfortunately, it was suspected that there were still traces of the virus that lived in his semen, which could have infected the woman after having unsafe sex with her on March 7 this year.

The woman was the only person who had a confirmed case in her area. She started showing symptoms of the virus seven days later and was admitted to a hospital on March 17. She was then quarantined two days later and was formally diagnosed on March 20.

On the off chance that the transmission is verified, it will indicate that the virus lasted in his semen for 199 days. Previously, the limit for the virus living was assumed to be 82 days.

The situation indicates that patients who were believed to have been cured from the virus can still stay contagious more than twice than previously expected.

The findings indicate that eliminating the virus could be harder than expected.

The medics are still unsure whether the virus was transmitted through sex, to promote safety they advised survivors to use contraceptives every time they have sex.

The CDC joined the WHO and Liberia in distributing instructions on safe sex after it given the newest evidence pertaining to the Liberian survivor’s case.

The World Health Organization stated that 26,298 people caught the virus during the West African epidemic and 10,892 have perished mostly in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

There were no new Ebola cases in Liberia for five weeks. The country’s last verified case was on March 27. The WHO announces countries to be free from Ebola 42 days after the last identified case. If there are no upcoming cases in Liberia, the country would be declared as Ebola-free on May 9.

Ebola is can be transmitted by having contact with contaminated bodily fluids and the signs includes fever, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach and chest pain.

Source: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/ebola-virus-liberian-woman-infected-virus-after-sex-man-six-months-after-he-was-cured-disease-1499458




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