OHA Trustees put a stop to TMT Construction and its About Time

Hawaiians are known to be peace loving people but don’t trample their scared places no matter how noble your purpose is or they are going to oppose you to the very end. The company that owned the Thirty Meter Telescope has discovered it too late and now they are paying for their desecration.

It may not be their purpose since their agenda is one that is of great importance to mankind, but something went awry along the way and what should have been done in the first place, proper consultation with the natives, was vastly overlooked and now it’s time to pay the price.

The protesters have started blockading the way to the construction site and this brought them in direct confrontation with the police. For seven years the protests were laid back and peaceful but things have changed for the worst.

Before any more violence will occur and blood spilled, the Office of Hawaiian trustees rescinded their support of the TMT and ordered a cessation of any construction activities in the area. The order came last Thursday after hearing the arguments of both sides.

The TMT Company was amenable for the moratorium ordered by OHA trustees. The construction started last March and despite strong opposition from the people, it was allowed to go on.

The TMT would have put Hawaii on the map as the site of the world’s largest optical telescope a distinction that must have been most welcome if only the proper process was followed. The mountain site holds a special place in the people’s hearts. They consider it sacred being the burial grounds of their ancestors.

Besides the method of securing the approval of the permit is flawed according to the TMT opposition. They also believe that the construction will be harmful to the ecosystem of the mountain. They sent a letter to the office of the governor regarding these matters.

For more on the subject matter please go to:

Source: http://nycnews.net/content/281537-mauna-kea-s-thirty-meter-telescope-project-sees-further-protests





  1. Lucky Welive Hawaii says

    Who told you they are a peace loving people? Was it their past where they tortured captives, or how the Chiefs would rape any child of his choosing, then any births that happened which did not have the blessing of that Chief, would have their head crushed under foot.

    Or maybe it’s the way commoners, those like the protestors, would be at the receiving end of a club, beaten to death if they stepped on a shadow of a Chief.

    After all, it’s these pre-contact idealisms that are driving these protests. War God, sacred mountain, māhūs, green bottles, and pickup trucks.

    • Keeping Check says

      Lucky Welive Hawaii – that is the craziest unsubstantiated racist diatribe I have heard regarding the TMT debate thus far. You have absolutely no evidence to back your claim. The fact that you’re bringing up “green bottles” makes it apparent that you are the same racist troll that has been following various news sources and commenting with the same racist rant.

      You must be awfully jealous of Hawaiians to devote so much time to promoting a negative image of them. When all is said and done, you’re still that same ugly racist you were. Whether or not the TMT is built, you’re still a sick sad nobody.

      As for this article, this isn’t journalism, it’s a misinformed op-ed. What violence? What blood is being spilled? Peaceful protests are ongoing and you’re trying to incite dissent by lying? Nice….

    • Mark Miller says

      There has been zero violence so I have no idea what this author is replying to.

      As for the above comment; it is these very types of bigoted and truly ignorant comments that make people wonder what is really going on. America tortures captives today, so please do not talk about torture in this discussion without also knowing that it is not a Hawaiian tradition nor anything I have ever read about. Chiefs did not rape children. Perhaps you are thinking of Catholic priests of today. Not certain, but maybe you mean the braches of the LDS church that still marry off young girls against their will. Again, not tradition in Hawaii ever allowed forced rape. Hawaii was far more forward thinking in regards to sexuality, such as aikāne, but Hawaiian traditions in regards to in regards to age as any other early society including America which has changed its age of consent laws several times with the changing attitudes.

      The chiefs NEVER controlled births of the people. You are thinking (obviously0 of the legendary birth of Kamehameha I, where the ali’i nui of the island had been told by a kahuna (priest) that a child would be born that would be a killer of chiefs. So the ali’i nui (monarch) set out to have the child birth ended. Kamehameha’s mother, Kekuiapoiwa II was hidden away until she gave birth. The child was then given to another family to raise.

      See any similarities to the legends of other births were a monarch declare that, not only that child, but all new born children should die to keep a prophecy from happening?

      Shadow of a chief? LOL! Oh….my. OK…these arguments sound SOOOOOO familiar I’m pretty sure I could call Lucky Welive Hawaii by first name. LOL! (seriously)

      This again comes from very special and sacred persons, of which the above commenter is simply attempting to “overshadow”. LOL! Kamehameha I’s wife, Keōpūolani was of such a high status that her children by Kamehameha I were of a higher status himself. Hawaiians held some lines as holy just as Christians did, and made them kings and killed starving peasants for simply trying to feed themselves. Keōpūolani’s shadow could not fall upon a maka‘āinana. This was a tradition that was reserved for only the very highest and was part of a system that held the chiefs and the gods as being related. Much like the Monarchs of Europe ruled by the Will of God as his chosen to rule or to be or higher ranking status of those below their caste.

      What is driving these protests appears to be a reaction from a living society being constantly told they do not exist or that their history was perverse and deserves near genocide…as the above person is doing.

  2. Sharron Cushman says

    Protectors of Mauna a Wakea have Kapu Aloha in place. Based on the values of kapuna. Standing with our best foot forward. Pua Case on Kapu Alohahttps://youtu.be/TR-TmM5oXs0

  3. Elizabeth Ahana says

    It’s unfortunate that you didn’t do any fact-checking before writing your piece, Mr. Ford. As someone who has been part of the efforts here and keeping abreast of the latest developments, I can assure you there is and has there been no bloodshed. The Office of Hawaiian Affairs did not rescind their support for the TMT to stop bloodshed, nor do they have the power to stop TMT from proceeding with construction. The moratorium on construction is solely in the hands of the TMT – handed to them by our new Governor – a sad move on his part. Sensationalism is cheap, report the facts please. I have met and spoken with those who lead those on Mauna Kea and on the ground here at home and they come in the spirit of education, information and collaboration.

    And to address “Lucky Welive Hawaii” perhaps you need to further educate yourself. Besides picking and choosing among the millions of lines of information about the Hawaiian people that suited your shortsighted purpose to denote their reputation as a peace loving people – what more do you have? Remember, we did not seek out new civilizations only to infest them with lice, disease and vermin. We did not choose to have our women beaten and raped and our language taken to the brink of extinction and our culture commercialized and bastardized. We were one of the most literate people in the world and our numbers topped 400,000 until evil found our shores. By the time of the overthrow (NOT A MYTH), there were only 40,000 Hawaiians left. Shame on you for only presenting one side of this horrific reality … Mauna a Wakea is one of the most sacred places on earth, the birthplace of our Hawai`i and we will protect it until the very end.

  4. Nalani says

    Itʻs strange how my entire post that reveals the truth has disappeared, yet this one of morose hatred, and sorely lacking in historical education, remains. I will commend the use of kahakō though the “s” is unnecessary.

  5. Will Caron says

    The only thing accurate in this article is that people are upset because the proper process was not followed. That part you got right. Just about everything else is wrong.

    Let’s start with the obvious: The Office of Hawaiian Affairs did NOT order the “cessation” of construction on the TMT. OHA has NO power to make such an order. They are a state agency charged with improving the lot of Native Hawaiians and, based off of the large opposition from the Hawaiian community, made a SYMBOLIC gesture by rescinding their support for the project. That DOES NOT mean that the project will stop. The TMT LLC, as far as anyone here in Hawaii knows, still intends to go through with the project. There is, however, an ongoing lawsuit in the 3rd Circuit Court that could force the project to stop. It might also be possible for the governor to stop the project. But OHA certainly has no ability to do so.

    Next: Your characterization of the “natives” as being “normally peaceful” unless you mess with their sacred places is such an over-simplification as to be laughable, except that it is clearly damaging to have such misinformation circulated (as you can see by the previous commentator, who appears to believe articles like this to be true and, therefore, has a sadly misinformed outlook on the situation – to say nothing of being racist). There has been no violence. There has been no bloodshed. When Hawaii County police arrested 30 protestors on the mountain, the protestors went peacefully and did not resist arrest. Protestors on the mountain have been courteous and respectful to the TMT workers, to tourists visiting the mountain and to the science community.

    The whole sacredness issue is being played up too much. Yes, there are Hawaiians who are “cultural practitioners,” meaning they truly do hold the mountain as sacred and can prove it through their active practicing of ancient religious beliefs and rituals. The lawsuit I mentioned was filed by a group of these cultural practitioners, HOWEVER, the crux of the lawsuit centers, again, around the failure of the University of Hawaii and the Department of Land and Natural Resources to go through the process properly.

    Mauna Kea is inside a conservation district, meaning that land is not meant to be developed at all, unless an exemption is granted. In the ’60s, after Hilo was decimated by a tsunami, the island of Hawaii was in sore need of a new industry to help the economy bounce back. That is when the telescopes first began being built, and there is no question that astronomy, both as an industry and as a field of study, has benefited Hawaii in certain, select ways. But it has mostly benefited the companies that have built them and the academics who use them, Average folks have seen very little in the way of benefits over the past 40 years – Native Hawaiians even less so.

    Even in the ’60s, however, Native Hawaiians protested the telescopes being built, and the reason why, AGAIN, had much more to do with preserving the land and the aquifer from development than it did with some kind of religious movement. And no wonder, the process for these telescopes has often completely ignored environmental safeguards.

    In the case of the TMT, when Board of Land and Natural Resources’ (BLNR) Hearing Officer Paul Aoki investigated the University of Hawai’i (UH)‘s application for a conservation district use permit (the exemption needed to build within the conservation district) to construct the TMT on the northern slope of Mauna Kea’s summit. Aoki’s findings adopted UH’s proposed findings essentially VERBATIM, and BLNR, in turn, adopted Aoki’s findings. That is to say, the information used to determine whether the project was legal came from the entity that wants the telescope built in the first place and, rather than do an independent investigation, BLNR and DLNR just used what UH told them. Self-regulation is not any kind of real regulation. It would be like saying that the Keystone Pipeline is good for the environment based off of findings of fact presented BY the Keystone Pipeline company! And it would be like having the EPA simply rubber stamp those findings instead of actually taking a look. Do you see the problem with that?

  6. Laura in Kona says

    Where did you get your journalism facts from? Office of Hawaiian Affairs voted to rescind and not oppose.

    Following a lengthy 7-year public and agency review, all required state and county permits were issued to the Thirty Meter Telescope.

    This is pretty bad journalism. Get the facts: http://www.maunakeaandtmt.org

  7. Kalikolehua o Puna Canario says

    Please keep to the facts. There have been absolutely NO VIOLENCE OR BLOODSHED. And to spread such things are slanderous and unnecessary. I’m sure this was not your intention but when someone has as many followers as you responsibility is essential as you are spreading false information and that is what will be perceived. So please be more responsible when “fluffing” your content.
    Kalikolehua o Puna Canario

  8. Alec lambert says

    I am assuming your white…probably a haole that does’nt know better. Since U have made some statements that are familiar to me…I’ll say this:
    It’s no different than you white folk who landed at the east coast thinking you owned the land and didn’t take long trading with indigenous people…long story short…wound up losing respect and started traveling west and murdering hundreds of thousands of people taking their land killing the buffalo and giving diseases to all they came in contact with. With them they brought black folks who they kept as slaves. This settling to the west was what haoles like to call “Westward Ho” You see, this is the culture you have, a little over 200 years worth. You ain’t got no fuckin bragging rights! So siddown an shut up!…

  9. Nalani says

    I posted this reply yesterday .. twice .. and a third reply as well. All were deleted. Since others have been posted I will try once more.

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    Love, prayers, and good juju to the Protectors at Waimea Courthouse.
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    Kuulei Higashi Kanahele My anal side needs matching socks / my frazzled mom side says as long as clean
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    Noe L. Auna Na your socks must be lost in Jacelyn’s black hole in her bedroom! LOL! And in our Hale our washing machine and dryer eats 0nly Aubrey’s clothes!!!
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    Does anyone remember in Space Invaders how many shots you have to fire before firing the shot that gives you a 300 point mystery ship (if you make the shot). Anyone?
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    Karol Wack Lol, I remember no point values whatsoever! I’ll ask Pono tomorrow haha:)
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    Karol Wack Chris Regenye, do you know this answer? I loved your “all old school games in one” full size arcade style game:) Every game you could possibly want to play and no qtrs needed!
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    Kapuaokalaniikapoliopele Kaaua
    Hawaii Passes Bill Allowing Transgender People To Change Birth Certificate
    HONOLULU (AP) — The Hawaii Legislature has passed a bill that could make it a lot easier for transgender people to change their gender on their birth certificates. Right…
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    Haunani Joaquin Cheeeehoooo! !!
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    Kapuaokalaniikapoliopele Kaaua YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHURRRRRRRRR!!!
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    Monique DePonte Equality!
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    Kapuaokalaniikapoliopele Kaaua Now we wait to see what Ige does, he still has to sign off on it.
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    Nālani Garmon
    Yesterday at 6:34am ·

    Whoever wrote this needs to do some research. There has been no violence and no blood spilled – and the article gives no examples of either. Shame on them.
    OHA Trustees put a stop to TMT Construction to avoid further escalation of violence
    the are known to be peace loving people but don’t trample their scared places no matter how noble your…
    esbtrib.com|By Roger Ford
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    Debbie Borges Wow – is this another trick of the pro-tmt people?? Unless someone stubbed their toe on a rock – there was NO bloodshed!
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    Nālani Garmon It’s regurgitated information from several other articles so clearly this writer didn’t delve in to anything except an attempt at sensationalism perhaps hoping to further their career while placing a black mark on protectors disguised in fair reporting. Regardless, it’s bad journalism.
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    Monique DePonte It will be remedied. I guarantee you that
    Unlike · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 7:27am
    Gordon Kainoa Sensationalism……that’s all this is…..leaves a “negative” impression upon those who have not been keeping up with this story or those who have never heard about it. Poor journalism is right, Nālani Garmon…
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    Yoko Takushi No’eau Lindsey Send them an email
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    Nālani Garmon I left a comment on the article. I encourage everyone to do the same. This is shameful.
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    Patrick Shine Must be Fox News affiliate…. Hahahaha ! Next thing will be rioting and looting. Maybe they will tie the drive by in Leilani to this as well.
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    Nālani Garmon LMAO! So sad though .. because as we all know, a LOT of people think, “itʻs on the internet so it MUST be true” .. BOOO Mr. Ford.
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    Nālani Garmon hereʻs my comment, weʻll see if it gets a response:

    OHA Trustees put a stop of construction? Further escalation of violence?

    Mr. Ford, where are you getting your information from? Are you even talking to anyone about this issue or are you just making it up as you go along? Though a percentage of what you wrote is basically correct, it is regurgitated information from (poorly read) other articles. I am one of the Protectors, those who are demanding a stop to the building of TMT atop Mauna Kea and am appalled by the inaccuracies and falsehoods in this article but most importantly in this single paragraph:

    “Before any more violence will occur and blood spilled, the Office of Hawaiian trustees rescinded their support of the TMT and ordered a cessation of any construction activities in the area. The order came last Thursday after hearing the arguments of both sides.”

    First, there has been no violence. Protectors are following a strict Kapu Aloha. Everyone is treated with respect regardless of their viewpoints and opinions whether online or in person. Second, there has been no blood spilled. Period. This one-half sentence unfairly and undeservedly gives a negative connotation to the reader that Hawaiians and those protecting the mountain are acting violently without a sense of decorum or respect, which is ironic considering thatʻs what youʻre doing in this attempt to incite violence. Third, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) rescinded their stand of support but have not declared a stand of opposition. This means they are neutral. Had you read just a single article about that meeting you would have known this important fact and the difference between truth and what you reported. Lastly, OHA has not and cannot order a moratorium; they do not hold that kind of power. The original stay was ordered by the governor and subsequent “time out” was provided by TMT themselves.

    You have said in this short article and things have “changed for the worst” and that those on blocking the road on the mountain where in “direct confrontation with the police”. You really need to read at least one or two legitimate articles written on what happen. There was no confrontation in the tone you mean. The arrests were done peacefully and with full respect for one another – something the rest of the world could learn from.

    The one thing that has changed for the worst is the lack of ethics and professionalism you have for truth in journalism, if in fact you ever had that at all.

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