Watch out: Bombardier Beetles come fully armed with machine guns

A beetle species with a built in machine gun at its rear end and spray attackers when under fire sounds like a twisted  plot from a sci-fi movie.  But the truth is, they really do exist.

No matter what the occasion is, the bombardier beetle always feels danger.  Researchers have discovered that the miniscule bug impersonates a powerful weapon by mingling chemicals in a reaction chamber located in its stomach.

When endangered, the diminutive beetle is able to repeatedly shoot streams of a foul smelling fluid from its behind, complete with “gun smoke”.

It even accurately aims the spigot at threat.

Researchers from all over the globe studied this and found out that this tiny insect is far smarter and more intelligent than it appears to be.

A video captured and recorded images his peculiar behavior of releasing that gun smoke.

According to the researchers, the insect release a kind of explosion which essentially sounds like a single blow. The blow is delivered so fast we can’t even see it. Because of its size, the bug produces only small explosions instead of a big one because it doesn’t have that much energy to blow.

Plenty of  beetles can secrete a foul-smelling or bad-tasting substances from their abdomens to defend against predators, but bombardier beetles really take it a little step further.






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