Centenarians: What makes them tick

A century of life was at one time an uncommon thing, however that is evolving. How could anyone live to be 100 years old? To figure that out, United Healthcare’s 10th yearly 100@100 survey approached centenarians for their attitudes and opinions about health, family and life and general.

Keeping a positive state of mind beats the rundown of ways to stay healthy, with 25% of centenarians saying it was the most imperative component of a long life. Eating healthy was second on the rundown, trailed by getting regular exercise and keeping oneself occupied.

Feeling youthful was additionally critical. More than 50% of centenarians surveyed said that they really feel a 20 years younger than they really are, which strengthens their feeling of confidence. 60% of the survey participants said they don’t feel old by any means.

“How you feel is a reflection of how your body is operating.”

Jay Olshansky, Ph.D., a professor in the School of Public Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago, told CBS News. He said that the wonder has less to do with mentality and more to do with hereditary qualities and how well an individual’s body is working.

“People who look younger and feel younger have probably aged more slowly.”

Thinking back on their lives, centenarians, said that they felt the most alluring at age 31, the healthiest at 46 and the smartest at 49.

“We know from having lived into older ages that age doesn’t really matter all that much for many people,” Olshansky said.

In 2013, his group of researchers released a paper in the Journals of Gerontology (Series A) in which they found that a noteworthy segment of the older populace is living an active and healthy life.

To sweeten the deal even further, the current year’s survey likewise asked 100 10-year-olds the same inquiries as the centenarians and looked at their answers. Of course, the 90-year age crevice prompted a few distinctions of conclusion.

Case in point, centenarians who did feel old said that, all things considered they began feeling that path at about age 87. Ten-year-olds, be that as it may, said they accept individuals begin to get old at 46.

Regarding the matter of pop culture, 63% of centenarians, said that Betty White was the most alluring dinner visitor, though Taylor Swift was at the highest priority on the rundown for 10-year-olds. 66% of 10-year-olds said that they have taken a selfie, contrasted with only 1 percent of the centenarians. The survey noticed that 43 percent of centenarians don’t even know what a selfie is.

In spite of their disparities, both groups did locate some shared belief. Near to 33% of centenarians and 50% of 10-year-olds put mother on the highest priority on the rundown as their greatest childhood model.

Although, less 10-year-olds than centenarians saw themselves as optimistic, 47% of centenarians, said it gets simpler to keep up a positive outlook with age.

“Would you want to be a teenager again?”  Olshansky joked.

“There are lots of uncertainties that exist when you’re young and they disappear as you get older. It’s not surprising that levels of happiness increase with age.”





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