Apple’s got a new smartwatch and it has only 9 faces

Apple got a new update and its App Store Review Guidelines has a new decree (10.7) which states “Watch Apps whose primary function is telling time will be rejected.”

Say what?

“Choose a face and customize it however you like,” is the new maxim of the  Apple Watch app store,  provided it is one of the nine differing selections to show time on its new smartwatch.

The Apple Watch app store does not allow other applications which tell time. Since its update of the App Store Review Guidelines and the addition of that apps which tells only the time primarily, other related apps will be disallowed on the Watch store.

Hopefully in the near future,  Apple may add more faces of their smartwatch, so users will not have to contend with the scarcity of display options for the time being. But third parties to create custom watch faces is a no no.

So what do they have against third-party developers inventing new faces for the Apple Watch?

It seems like Apple does not want people to screw around with their cautiously thought out, and soon- to-be iconic facial watch designs. Tim Cook and his designers probably want to instantly recognize each of the 9 built-in faces and be able to recognize right away an Apple Watch.

They don’t want anybody to tinker with the look of the face as it might be confusing to other people.

So this is obviously a ploy by Apple to use its customers for advancement of marketing strategies. Apple does not want anybody to mess  with its public face image.

I doubt if what Apple considers trivial  has anything to do with the fact that the apps only provide users with the ability to modify the faces of their Apple Watches. There are myriad other trivial apps for other Apple devices.

But personally, I think a lot of people out there can come up with some pretty innovative designs for new faces. Maybe eventually Apple will loosen up a bit their restrictions after the preliminary buzz will abate.


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