Florida Python Extermination: ‘No Going Back’ As Snake Population Spirals Out Of Control

Florida is now facing the greatest threat to its environment and ecosystem. The difficulty in controlling the growth of Burmese python population throughout the state is proving to be one of its most difficult challenge in its state’s  history. Burmese pythons have been known as natives of Asia but have crossed the western borders since the 1970’s. The sudden increase in the population of these voracious predators has not been solved yet which has been happening for many years now. This species is one that is highly invasive and is excellent in concealing themselves.

According to a research led by Kristen Hart of the United States Geological Survey, they have spearheaded a study, for about five years by now which main aim is to understand where these pythons are hiding themselves. According to this comprehensive research published in the Animal Biotelemetry journal, the invasive pythons live around areas where there are lots of trees, near the coast and swamp areas.

The drastic increase in python population caused other animals, including the endangered wildlife to suffer. They have been known to prey on both small and big mammals.  While these large pythons prey upon the weak and less aggressive animal species, they have been allowed to breed to the point of concern as they do not have any natural enemies in Florida.

What makes this even more alarming is the fact that female pythons lay approximately 100 eggs per birthing season. Ecologists have been alarmed to the point that python hunts have been allowed across the State.

Many python hunters converged in Florida trying to track the snakes but the task proved to be very difficult. It took 5 long years for the 50 GPS tagged snakes to be found. There is an estimated 300,000 pythons in Florida nowadays, which makes controlling of its population a long way to go.


Source: http://www.ibtimes.com/pulse/florida-python-invasion-no-going-back-snake-population-spirals-out-control-1902029


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