Experts give thumbs up to Amgen’s T-Vec for melanoma treatment

The drug  talimogene laherparepvec (T-vec) was was found to be safe and effective after undergoing evaluation from a group of experts. Most of the queries were centered on the third phase of the study. All, except one voted against it.

The T-vec drug is used by injecting it directly to tumor cells. The tumor cells then disintegrates giving the body’s antigens to neutralize the cancer cells found inside them.  According to the study, using this particular drug is like hitting two birds with one stone—it ruptures the tumor and at the same time  allows the body to defend itself.

Many well known oncologists have expressed their  interest to start using the drug for the benefit of their patients. They believed that many of their current patients can expect to get relief from the new drug. More options are now available for them in treating the tumors and it increases their patients’ survival rates.

Although majority of the experts have voted for the drug’s approval , the final decision still rests upon the shoulders of the FDA.

According to some FDA experts, the drug’s ability in dealing with the systemic disease is not that significant for now. They have still to determine the drug’s ability to deal with more serious melanoma cases.

The study conducted showed that the patients using T-vec have 4 more months survival rate than those using the conventional therapy.





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