Adding happy smiling faces on healthy foods help encourage children to eat more nutritious meals.

A current research at the Pediatric Academic Societies yearly meeting in San Diego, California, recommends that smiley faces help children to eat more nutritious meals.

Scientists found that putting smiley faces on healthy foods and meals, which children usually frown upon,  can oftentimes encourage kids to eat more nutritious meals although if it might not be their all-time favorite food.

The study discovered exceptional changes in the consumption and food selections of students. To begin with, purchases of plain milk increased from 7.4% to 48% of overall. Second, the sales of chocolate milk diminished from 86.5% to 44.6% in its market share.

Third, the fruit purchases also increased by 20% from 1 to 1.2 daily. Lastly, the vegetable purchases also by 62% – from 0.74 to 1.2  every day. Throughout the span of the study, the experts noticed an overwhelming increase in nutritious food selection.

The research was conducted among sixth-grade pupils at a school in Cincinnati. The researchers put green smiley emoticons in the school cafeteria’s nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, entree containing whole grains, and plain white fat-free milk.

Almost three months after this, the researchers came up with a “Power Plate” idea wherein kids who took a Power Plate with any of the four listed foods also got a sticker, mini beach ball, or not permanent tattoo among other small prizes.

“It looks like we found a very promising, low-cost and effective way of improving the nutrition of elementary school children. This type of program may be a useful component in schools trying to improve the nutrition and health of their students,” the research authors concluded.





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