Dr. Vivek Murthy: He might a bit controversial but he’s no Dr. Oz

The once known miracle man of doctors is going down. He is no other than Dr. Mehmet Oz. He used to have a TV program and dispensed advises on health related issues. At the moment, he is being replaced by Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy, despite the fact that 50% of Americans have no inkling whatsoever who he is.

Dr. Oz is a cardiothoracic specialist and vice chairman of the department of surgery at the Columbia University. He has his own faithful supporters who listen to him blindly every time he talks about diet plans or any health related activities.

In the midst of his popularity, Dr. Oz has been accused of  faking issues in his expert field. Numerous doctors from America have turned against him as he calls every one of his activities as miracles according to him. A few doctors from all over the world tried his hypotheses and all recommended to reject him from his current position as vice chairman.

Getting appointed as the new vice chairman, Dr. Murthy, said he desires to lead America to a new successful way of health programs and is looking ahead for enhancing the medical practice ready to confront any medical emergencies that have just victimized Americans such as the flu and measles outbreak.

The most important step Dr. Murthy has taken so far is a public service announcement on the significance of childhood vaccines.

Americans are enjoined to quit believing  what they have been seeing on their televisions during the era of Dr. Oz and appoint Dr. Murthy as their expert: America’s real doctor in place of Dr. Oz.


Source: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/meet-vivek-murthy-controversial-surgeon-general/story?id=27612422




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