A spike in spice weeds’ overdose is keeping health workers on their toes

The American Association of Poison Control has reported more than 1,900 cases that had something to do with synthetic pot since the beginning of the year.

Synthetic Marijuana otherwise known as “spice”, “K2”, “head trip’, “fake weed”, made of plant material coated with THC , the active chemical compound in marijuana. This synthetic version which is manmade is much more dangerous.

A person died this week in Louisiana from synthetic marijuana. In Mississippi, brothers Joey and Jeremy Stallings were in medically induced comas earlier this month. Their mother said they smoked spice.

“This stuff is no joke, and we’re really afraid because the use of it is increasing,” stated Bruce Ruck with the New Jersey Poison Center at Rutgers University.

In 2011, the Drug Enforcement Administration outlawed synthetic marijuana but people still have access via tobacco shops and online.

For the period March 15 to April 20, 462 people in Alabama were rushed to the E.R. where two died and in Mississippi, 473 people were hospitalized. Seven deaths were traced to synthetic marijuana, officials say.

In April 8, 160 more were sick which was also traced to the synthetic in New York.

“People have presented with seizures, people have presented with stroke-like symptoms, or heart attack-like symptoms,” stated one of the doctors,  Dr. Ruben Olmedo of Mount Sinai Hospital ,

Questioned if he can say that synthetic is safe than other forms of marijuana, Olmedo says “They hear the word ‘marijuana,’ and they think it’s a safe drug”

A bus driver who was high on K2 bumped on at least five cars last week in Oklahoma City . Two other drivers were injured at least.

“Our warning is don’t try any of this stuff, even marijuana that you buy in the street,” stated Ruck. “You do not know if it is laced with any of these synthetic products.”

Hundreds of varieties and new formulations of synthetic marijuana have been discovered sprouting out monthly. They are often disguised from its true purpose by being labeled “not for human consumption”.


Source: http://wreg.com/2015/04/26/hospitals-see-spike-in-synthetic-marijuana-ov%E2%80%8Berdoses/


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