Actual User Experience: One Tap on Your Mobile App and Your Drinking Problem is History,

With the support of health experts and the Federal Government, the free app is able to determine a person’s tendency to drink and evaluates risk to health issues.

The app includes a series of challenges that a person must accomplish rather than drinking like sober karaoke, drink-free dating and being assigned as a driver during a nights out.

Hello Sunday Morning is a non-profit movement that has been carried out for five years as a 12-week course for those who need a new interesting way of managing their urge to drink.

Chris Raine , the founder , said it had promoted enlightenment into the tech space that enabled people to find simple and fast help from a touch of a smartphone.

“It’s really exciting,’’ he said.

“There is a big need for it in Australia and around the world to help people change their drinking habits. “It’s an easy way to help people.’’

The study shows that one in two people are determined to minimize their alcohol consumption . It also shows that 78% of Australians believe that the nation has indeed a drinking problem.

Nicole Cliff of Coburg has stopped drinking for a year and intends to use the app to help keep her from getting influenced by others to drink and stop her alcohol cravings.

“If you think you need support you can just log on and I think that will be a big appeal,’’ she said.

“The urge to drink will always be there but you can just pull out your phone at the pub and resist.’’

The app also allows users to check how many others in their group have completed the challenges and has already stopped drinking. The app is powered by Vodafone and funded by the Abbot Government.

The app is believed to succeed as Australasian College for Emergency Medicine chair Diana Egerton envisioned it since many had gained realization of their own habits.

Fiona Nash, the assistant Health Minister also said the app would certainly draw tech-


savvy Australians where they could keep track of their health anytime with their phone.



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