There was a Time When the Universe was Awash with Water: They are still there but in different atomic stucture

According to astronomers, past discoveries and researches, the universe saw the birth of water compound in much later years from the birth of the galaxy. The combination of a couple of atoms of hydrogen and a single atom of oxygen was formed approximately one billion years after the Big Bang happened.

This was always the case before. However, a new discovery has popped out from the field that may challenge the discoveries of the past. According to the published research in Astrophysical Journal Letters, the great quantity of water was likely to have happened, not one billion years after the Big Bang but one billion years after the universe was born.

According to the study, young molecular clouds have little oxygen levels, but it actually contains a lot more water vapor than what was previously thought when studied carefully. This part of the study is an important discovery because some scientist and astronomers before have concluded that since the earliest stars takes time to mature then die— water could have been formed so much later. The said conclusion was taken on the hypothesis that small amounts of Oxygen in the stars’ surface has to have been dispersed through stellar winds across the universe to combine well with the Hydrogen atom.

Although Hydrogen is the most abundant element in space, those atoms with heavier atomic mass than the atomic mass of helium can only be formed not throughout space but within the core of the stars. Therefore, the case is true for the Oxygen atom because it is believed to be 16 times heavier than the Hydrogen atom.

Stellar winds are in greater abundance during the death of stars or of the formation of supernovas. The stellar winds formed by the explosion also cause the oxygen to spread into space to combine with hydrogen.

Since the cosmic temperature before was hotter than what we have today, it became an ideal environment for the Oxygen and Hydrogen atoms to combine but not really enough to change the gas to ice or liquid water.


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