Hall Thruster:  the cutting-edge technological advancement on the field of space travel and astronomy

The X-37B Space Plane is one of the newest and most advanced technological improvements on the field of space travel and astronomy. Those who have piqued their interests in space technology have always sought after its information.

According to the reliable sources, the said controversial and mysterious program has already sent its test craft, which is called Orbital Test Vehicle, into space. Moreover, the shuttle-like craft appears to have been sent in orbit thrice since its invention and have thus stayed on the Earth’s outer vast space for approximately four years.

This X-37B Space Plane is different from its predecessors in a sense that it provides an avenue to save for fuel cost. What makes this possible is the fact that its hall thrusters are generated using a combination of electrical and chemical energy, which are mainly composed of electricity and xenon. Although it is said to be weaker in force compared to its predecessors, its benefits on fuel cost and savings is much more pronounced.

What makes this particular technology very valuable then is that, it gives more versatility and longevity to space crafts and space shuttle. It clearly means that space vehicles and satellites, when using this technology, can stay in orbit for more years than its lifespan nowadays.

The X-37B program and experiment has always been silent for years to a point that it brought many intellectuals to the edge of their curiosity on what this space mission is all about. We already know now that this very special project can help current satellites improve their efficiency and life span. Another discovered aspect to this program is that it seems much more centered as a medium for experimentation and testing purposes. Hence, any assumptions or unproven speculations of it being either a medium for terrorism and special bombing or a special weapon created for espionage can be quickly overruled.


SOURCE:  http://spaceflightnow.com/2015/04/27/x-37b-launch-date-firms-up-as-new-details-emerge-about-experiment/


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