Saltwater discovered 1000 feet below the surface of icy Antarctica: is there a relationship with a possible life in Mars

Antarctica has always been known as the coldest place to live on Earth, with barely anything to support the growth of life. Recently, scientists have found one discovery that could mean a lot of things in the forthcoming years. An electromagnetic sensor was used by the scientists in searching all over the Antarctica. They have found out that beneath the icy, dry, inhabitable surface of Antarctica are networks of saltwater channels found below at approximately 1000 feet.

This may seem like an ordinary discovery to some people, but the implications of the search is anything but ordinary. According to scientists, out of all the places on Earth, Antarctica is that one place that holds the most similarity to planet Mars. Like Antarctica, Mars is seen to be too cold for life to thrive, thus may not be able to support life in the future years. However, since saltwater was found beneath the surface of Antarctica, is it also possible that the same could be found beneath Mars’ surface as well? If it is so, then there is an increase in the possibility of life on Mars. The journal named Nature Communications has published the study, expressing that the discovery is a vital part of understanding the possible life existence in another planet like Mars.

The saltwater that was found beneath the surface has a temperature that could support microbial life. The scientists have come up with the hypothesis that the saltwater networks were developed through time with the byproducts of ocean fossils of a long time ago. What the scientists believed in was that, if the environment beneath the ice and cold surface of Antarctica can support life, then why can’t Mars do so? With this discovery the researches plan to delve wider on the surface of the coldest place on Earth.




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