If the universe is one giant math hologram then we must be the two dimensional integers

Imagine that your whole existence on earth you believe that the universe is composed of three dimensions.  Then suddenly a new mathematical principle emerges and compels you to alter your views of things and tell you this isn’t so?

According to a new scientific arithmetic archetype developed at Vienna University of Technology, the universe might be a hologram. It means we are living our lives in just two spatial dimensions, instead of the accustomed three dimensions, the height, width and length, if this holds true.

First proposed in 1997, the holographic principle which theorizes that our universe may contain only 2 dimensions of length exhilarated scientists. What we conceivably perceive as third dimension  may be in fact a two-dimensional occasions on the “horizon” of a two-dimension imagery. This universal property behaved much like the holograms utilized on credit cards,  despite being two-dimensional, it produces an impression of depth.

Though this  astonishing idea has only been calculated arithmetically, in areas in which the universe is said to possess a negative warp, like the saddle of a horse. Innovative mathematical calculations illustrate that a two-dimensional universe which projects a holographic three dimensional appearance could occur if space-time were flat.

“If quantum gravity in a flat space allows for a holographic description of a standard quantum theory, then there must by physical quantities, which can be calculated in both theories and the results must agree,” said TU Wien Daniel Grumiller.

Duos of entwined quantum elements cannot be defined mathematically as detached objects, irrespective of the distance amongst them. The entropy of entanglement, a measure of the degree of entanglement in a given quantum system, was established to be alike in theories of gravity and quantum mechanics in a universe in possession of two dimensions.

Theories of quantum properties, calculated in two dimensions, may therefore be “mapped” into gravitational representations calculated in three dimensions. The idea is so peculiar, it could be comparable in discovering  that the instruction manual of a washing machine holds the secret recipe in making a good meat loaf.

A satirical author Edwin Abbott, published in 1884  a book, Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions,  is a novel about life in a two-dimensional universe and has proven to be quite prophetic. Although this innovative discovery  in theoretical physics does not really  prove that we live in a holographic universe, it sure does offer further evidence for the two decade old idea.

Source: http://www.techtimes.com/articles/49088/20150427/universe-hologram-holographic-principle-suggests-yes.htm


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