New York is now Accepting Marijuana Growers for Licensing, NYSDH

After New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo legalized marijuana use for management of extremely ill or wounded patients in July,  it was announced on Monday by the State Department of Health that the department now accepts applications for entrepreneurs who desires  to become registered manufacturer and distributor of medical marijuana in New York.

Requirements are:

  • A detailed building plan.
  • Non-refundable application fee worth $10,000.
  • Registration fee of $200,000. (To be refunded in case of denial of application)

Five contracts will be awarded to private marijuana planters, who will then be allowed to open up to 4 dispensaries for distribution of the medical marijuana to registered patients throughout the state.  Health officials estimate a nine month period to grow the plant.

Acting Health Commissioner Howard Zucker said in the  Poughkeepsie Journal,  “We have laid an ambitious timeline in getting the program up and running and we are meeting our goals. Once the applications are in, we can begin our review and move to the next step of selecting the registered organizations this summer.”

The medical marijuana is only obtainable in non-smokable means, like for instance pills, oils and vapors. Registration of the companies is expected by July.

Advocates of medical marijuana have been appealing to the state of expediting the process, saying patients have an urgent need for the drug, most particularly ill children, at the soonest time possible. They say, the drug has been known to display promising results in epileptic kids.

The introduction of last week’s bill would considerably accelerate the start of the medical marijuana of NY. The memo reads, “The purpose of this program is to expedite the availability of medical (marijuana) to avoid suffering and loss of life … especially in the case of patients whose serious condition is progressive and degenerative.”



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