Mocha, the mischievous Doberman pinscher ate three watches: Maybe they tasted like Apples

Mocha, a mischievous Doberman pinscher hit the headlines this week for wolf down down something it really shouldn’t have.

Last week, a 5-year old Doberman pinscher named Mocha was spotted hovering over a some chewed leather straps, and small screws or metal pieces that would normally be kept inside a watch. The owner took rushed to the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals- Angell Animal Medical Center, where a series of X-rays were done to explore the contents of her belly.

They were just expecting to see a couple metal pieces. However, the X-ray result was alarming because there were many bits and pieces of metal in her stomach. She didn’t just gobbled down one of her owners’ watches, she ate all three.

She was admitted in the ER for two days  having as many bits and pieces as possible removed, though was then discharged to simply wait things out and see how she progresses.

The veterinarian removed about a pound of broken leather straps, buckles and various metal pieces, and let nature take its course for the remaining pieces, said by MSPCA spokesman.

“We were especially cautious and wanted to avoid surgery — given her history.”

Just last year, she has undergone major stomach surgery after a piece of plastic from an orange juice container perforated her intestine.

Her owner, Michele Parkinson said, “I was extremely concerned that she would need another surgery — and worried about the long-term impact such a procedure could have, given that she’d already had a foreign body surgically removed not even one year ago.”




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