The Murderous Side of Gang Bullying

The mother of 16 year old Bradley Parkes said that her son had been frequently robbed and under threat by a bunch of bullies in Coventry.

The months of bullying forced the boy into a suicide attempt that led him now to an induced coma. Bradley was found last night in the woods hanging from a tree. His mother Tiffany had said he was constantly harassed by a gang in Coventry, West Midlands.

She explained that his son was constantly threatened by the gang, a report from the Coventry Telegraph said. She had told the Telegraph today that she would do “everything in my power to try and make my son safe.”

At the Birmingham Children’s Hospital, the doctors told the family to prepare for anything that might happen while they kept vigil at his bedside.

The 35 year old mother, Tiffany, said: “He left a suicide note saying he was taking his own life as it was easier than what he was going through.”

“It all started in about August last year and Bradley has even been held at knifepoint.

“One time he was walking from one friend’s house to another and this gang robbed all three of them. They even cut his face with a knife and told him not to tell people. He’s even had his hand broken.“

“Every time they see him they just take everything off him. People know all about this gang and they are arrested for all sorts.”

“I have gone to the police lots of times but it doesn’t do anything. And not many people do go to the police as they are scared.

“I’m running out of options.”

Tiffany found it hard to tell Bradley’s 12 year old sister and everybody in the family. Bradley also has two brothers aged eight and four and a ten month-old sister. He just passed his first course ahead of going to college in Ernestford Grange School. Tiffany said kids like Bradley are more likely to suffer bullying to such a degree that it forces relocation.

Friends and relatives left their heartfelt messages on Bradley’s Facebook expressing their love and support.







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