Bruce Jenner Refuses to Uncover His New Name as a Female

Bruce Jenner has at long last uncovered his actual sexual identity as a woman— however; he wouldn’t uncover his new name.

He told Diane Sawyer amid his long awaited meeting on ABC’s “20/20” on Friday night that he has picked an alternate name for himself, however needs to keep it private as far as might be feasible.

“In the event that I do (uncover the name), the media will go insane and I’ll never get rid of them,” he said.

He just clowned that his name won’t begin with a “K,” to help him venture out of the Kardashian family shadow.

The previous Olympian finished years of conjecture by affirming in the meeting that he distinguishes himself as a woman. However, some of his disclosures undermined what number of individuals expected he would handle his long-kept mystery.

Jenner told Sawyer that he hasn’t settled on a choice on whether he’ll have sexual reassignment surgery, notwithstanding his inexorably ladylike appearance and being seen going out in ladies’ garments.

The 65-year-old said companions and media ought to still utilize “he” when alluding to him, even with his female character.

He likewise delighted and befuddled Sawyer by evading a strong reply about whether he recognizes himself as gay or straight, telling her near the end of the meeting that he views himself as “asexual, for now.”

At the point when Sawyer asked what Jenner meant when he said farewell during the meeting, Jenner stated that he was at last discarding general society’s impression of him, yet “not saying farewell to me.”




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