The $64 QAuestion: Is Man Ready for Mars, or Is Mars Ready for Man

For over thirty years the prospect has excited Christopher McKay, a NASA astrobiologist who is a part of the Curiosity Mars Rover group who is looking for indications of tiny life on the desert planet.

McKay additionally lives up to expectations nearly with UNLV’s Desert Exploration Establishment, which will regard him April 30 with the Nevada Award, the state’s most noteworthy investigative honor.

McKay told KNPR’s Condition of Nevada that he got fascinated with Mars in the 1970s when Viking arrived on the red planet.

“I had a sudden move into being occupied with space and stargazing,” he said. “It had overwhelmed all that I’ve done from that point onward.”

One of McKay’s parts of study is terraforming, or the real change of a planet so it gets to be more affable to people. An idea famous in sci-fi books and films, McKay said it would likewise tiny life conceivable actually, particularly on Mars.

“The key issue in making Mars rational is warming up the planet,” he said. “Indeed, we know how to warm up a planet; we’re doing it on Earth.”

In any case, there would be moral contemplations. In the event that another manifestation of life is found on Mars, ought to Earthlings move in and assume control? Alternately would it be a good idea for it to attempt to encourage and develop that life, while leaving the planet untouched?

“On the off chance that we discover (another sort of life on Mars), then I would say we don’t send Earth life there by any means,” McKay focused. “Rather, we attempt to urge life there to develop and spread and get to be rich and differing … Any indigenous life on Mars ought to have first call.”


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