Brewed Black Coffee Reduces the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Talking about coffee and reduction of type 2 diabetes risk, bear in mind that it is the caffeinated coffee without any additives like cream or sugar. Your favorite coffee shops selling fancy variations like grande mocha latte do not offer the same health benefits of plain black coffee.

According to the journal Diabetologia, an increase in the consumption of coffee resulted in a significant reduced risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes. An increase in coffee consumption averaging one and a half cups a day resulted in an 11% reduction in risk. Subsequently, a decrease in consumption of coffee by one cup or more resulted in a 17% higher risk for acquiring type 2 diabetes. This study is a result of thousands of evaluated people who were monitored for four years.

Drinking 3 or more cups of coffee resulted in a 37% lower risk compared to people who consumed less. Study says that people with complications like cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, heightened pressure or cancer may also be those that consumed less. The result were the same in cases where both groups had no complications.

If cleared by the doctor it is beneficial to increase consumption by a cup by spacing it throughout the day and minimize sugar and cream.

Brewed coffee is a drink without additives. When increasing consumption, bear in mind that coffee shops specialize in fancy high-calorie, sugar and fat laden coffee. To maximize your benefit from coffee, drinkers should make it simple and plain.

The following are guide tips to benefit from a healthy coffee:

Make it black, Go for the fresh brewed coffee rather than the fancy ones.

Add a little sweetener – If black coffee taste bitter for you, use a sugar substitute.

Use milk- choose milk rather than cream which is lower in fat and calorie content.

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