Anti-Depression Therapy Works Just as Effectively as an Anti-Depression Drugs

Just recently a team of researchers has announced through The Lancet Journal, that Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy or MBCT can be effective to control depression. The said therapy which aids people in recognizing and controlling depression, will be a welcome respite to people who does not want to deal with the cons of anti-depressant drugs in the long run.

Patients under the MBC Therapy are trained to be open that negative feelings are recurring, to be cognizant if they do recur, and facing them head on rather dwelling on depression. The test group was divided randomly into two groups – half to undergo MBCT and half took in anti-depressant drugs. The participants underwent eight group sessions of 2 hours and 15 minutes per session with daily home practice and options for four follow-up sessions over the following 12 months were offered.

For a period of two years, assessment on all 424 volunteers was conducted using “structured clinical interview” diagnostic tool. This tool measures mental state of patients. The results were that for the group taking anti-depressants, there is a 47% relapse rate and for the group under MBCT, there is a 44% relapse rate.

During the two-year trial participated by 424 depression sufferers, the results on patients under MBCT suggest that patients that undergone MBCT and those that took anti-depressant drugs are still on the same plane when it comes to risks of relapses. The findings, however, tells that sufferers can make a choice of whether they should rely on repeat prescriptions of anti-depressant drugs or undergo MBC Therapy said Willem Kuyken, a professor of clinical psychology from the University of Oxford and head of the research.

Past research showed that relapse on sufferers can be greatly reduced by up to 2/3 if taken correctly but dosage varies among patients. Without treatment, Kuyken added, as many as 4 out of 5 relapsed at some point. Interests were stirred on alternative methods in treating depression like MBCT due to the side effects of the trial.

The recent study claims to be the first large scale study of its kind between anti-depressant drugs and MBC Therapy.





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