Next year will be more exciting in the mobile market as Nokia makes a Comeback

Throughout the entire market a lot of tech enthusiasts and economists viewed it as the end of an era. After Microsoft bought Nokia last September 2013 for a deal of $7.17 billion.

The Microsoft-Nokia acquisition can be seen as Nokia’s failure to adapt to the changing game of smartphones, however, it seems the company learned its lesson and that too, and the hard way too and now it’s trying to bounce back to the smartphone manufacturing industry very soon. According to re/code’s news report, the company is planning to return its comeback to its consumer mobile production from as early as next year. And the company won’t just stop there; it is also working on unconventional projects like virtual reality.

The company is making their first products under the brand name Nokia, Nokia N1 and the Z launcher, and selling it under the ‘Nokia’ banner, though the company is able to pull this off only by licensing the intellectual property to other manufacturers. Even if, this will keep the company from the hassles of manufacturing and marketing, yet this doesn’t mean it will not take any control on the device’s success/failure. Meanwhile, before it makes any major announcement, the company may have to wait for the end of the Microsoft-Nokia contract.

The news report titles that the company is hiring aggressively and is working hard to make a sizable comeback in the smartphone industry. With the new two players like Xiaomi and OnePlus aiming the budget segment and the dominating ascendance of Samsung and Apple in the flagship segment that will make it a tough affair for Nokia.

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