Space Station is An “Economic Necessity” For Russia Alone: Vladimir Putin

During an annual Q&A session last Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin, said, by 2023 Russia plans to launch its own space station and the planned space station is an “economic necessity”.

“It is a distant view, but necessary to mend our economy,” said the Russian president, for whom Russian participation in the International Space Station (ISS) is not sufficient.

“We use it for science actively, for the national economy merely at the ISS, we only see 5% of the Russian Federation territory . With our own station, we can see entirely our great country,” he argued. “We will bring this project out and it will be fully under our control,” assured the president.

The ISS for the most part has been financed by Russia and the United States for the time its launch into orbit in 1998. However, each country, mostly dependent on each other and space cooperation stays one of the few areas in which their agreement stays intact. In late March the director of Russian of space agency had even declared his intention to build in partnership with NASA for a new orbiting space station to replace the ISS, which is expected until 2024 to operate.

China also declares their plans to have a permanent space station around 2022, with their first orbiting experimental module starting in 2018.

Meanwhile, Russian President declares that he would personally oversee the ongoing construction of the Baikonur Vostotchni in the Russian Far East.




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