Russia is Giving a Warning About US Army Units in Ukraine: It Could Destabilize the Entire Region

After the U.S paratroopers arrived this week to train Ukrainian soldiers, Russia has been warned that the presence of foreign military personnel could “destabilize” the situation in Ukraine.

President Vladimir Putin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov , told reporters last Friday that instructors from “third countries,” aside from Russia or Ukraine, they could trouble the current position in Ukraine’s east, where pro-Russia insurgents are employed in an armed rebellion against Ukrainian forces.

A U.S. mobile army unit arrived in Ukraine this week to lead a series of training sessions with Ukrainian troops.

On Thursday,  President Putin charged the United States of trying to prevail international relations, but said Russia is still “always open to cooperation.”

He spoke Thursday during a yearly live Q&A session on Russian television on which he took questions from members of the Russian public.

Having to do with the United States, Putin said “major superpowers that claim their uniqueness and believe themselves the only center of power in the world” need “vassals,” not “allies.”

Putin said that Moscow tried to bring down its model of development on many Eastern European countries by force, after the World War II, and “there was nothing good” in this. The Americans today are “acting in a similar way by trying to bring down their model around the world,” he added that they too would fail.

The Russian president propose that the United States had forced some European leaders not to attend events in Moscow on May 9 remembering the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe.




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