Destination Mars: The first people to reach the Red Planet will be from NASA, Bolden.

The supposed “space race” as we know is on history books may long be over, yet NASA administrator Charles Bolden needs the office to participate in another sort of space race – the race to be the first space organization to send individuals to Mars.

“Our definitive motive is the trip to Mars and everything returns to that,” said Bolden, addressing administrators at the U.S. House Council of Science, Space, and Innovation prior in the week. “We have to comprehend Mars and what transpired to understand what may happen to Earth.” Bolden was alluding to the acknowledged hypothesis that Mars may have had a huge sea, and may have possessed the capacity to sustain life, yet by one means or another had quit producing its own particular magnetic field, making it lose a lot of its water and become livable.

It might be a long time before space explorers set foot on Mars, as Bolden was cited as saying he would like to send space travelers to the Red Planet at some point in the 2030s. In the hearing, Bolden was flame broiled by legislators about NASA’s different missions, including those for collecting atmospheric information on Earth, sending a space test to Europa, and the dispatch of the cutting edge James Webb Space Telescope.

Bolden raised the ARM (Asteroid Redirect Mission) activity as NASA’s method for sending individuals to Mars. The task, as per NASA, will be a demonstrating ground for particular sorts of innovation that can conceivably be utilized in keeping an eye on Mars missions. Nonetheless, he was cautious when somebody brought up that NASA is apparently entering a space race with Elon Musk’s startup SpaceX, which had already said it wants to transport people to Mars by the mid-2020s. “No business organization without the backing of NASA and (the) legislature is going to get to Mars,” gasped Bolden.


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