New Dangerous Game Called Sleeper’ Craze

After a playground prank, a boy just believed to be eight-years-old was taken to the hospital and it went horribly wrong.

The new craze game called ‘sleeper’ is what the primary school pupil was taking part in when he suddenly blacked out from a lack of oxygen at a Collyhurst school.

Therefore, it is believed that the game involves one young pupil covering the nose and mouth of another pupil, till they pass out from the lack of air supply.

Local officers reported the stunt as ‘potentially fatal’ and published a warning to parents about the dangerous prank.

“Dangerous new craze warning – Attention all parents or guardians. We just got a report of a new craze called ‘sleeper’, this warning was posted on their Facebook page – Greater Manchester Police North Manchester division.

“This includes children completely covering the mouth and noses of younger children until they completely pass out.

“This is extremely dangerous, a child is currently in hospital being treated after falling victim to this game.”

Police highlighted that what children starts thinking it is just a harmless prank, but could ultimately lead to the death of a child and urged parents to pass the message to their children.

They added: “Please advise every child that you know, and warn them of the dangers that may come. This could be easily lead to concussion or even death.”

It is believed that a teacher at the primary school called a PCSO when the boy was discovered unconscious, and immediately emergency help was called for. He was treated in the hospital for the lack of oxygen and is believed to have been discharged.

A GMP spokesperson confirmed: “There are no criminal offenses involved and no long term effects to the boy.”

It is understood that this is a single case, and Greater Manchester Police have not received any other reports of children being injured by the new suffocation craze.

Hundreds of parents took social media to voice out their astonishment at the new ‘sleeper’ game and some voiced worries about their own children.

On M.E.N’s Facebook page found Rebecca Burgess comments saying “It Makes me scared for my children to grow up if this is what classed as fun or a prank now.”

Another reader, Lynda Rogers Miles said: “This is very serious and should be treated as such.”
Other readers said this kind of game turn back the time, and remember playing the potentially fatal game in school themselves.

Commenting on the GMP warning, Zoe Louise wrote: “I wonder how many parents will teach their child CPR in case a friend at school falls victim while your child stood there. Those first few seconds count before a teacher arrives.”


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