Sofia Vergara suit: Whose eggs are they anyway?

A famous celebrity and her “ex” faced a very important case even as they take their differences to court. Connections are there in South Florida but that’s beside the point. The issue is who gets to keep the frozen embryos, is it Sofia Vergara or Nick Loeb?

The Columbia beauty is known by everyone— Sofia Vergara— an actress, star of ABC’s The Modern Family, a businesswoman, successful model, and perhaps the era’s most stunning spokeswoman for furniture.

She got her start at Univision, and she met Loeb. But long before meeting Sofia, Nick was a one-time denizen of Delray Beach who unsuccessfully ran for city commission.

Before their breakup, the couple was engaged and considered to have a family at some point. And now they are headed to court. Nick wants to stop Sofia from terminating two female embryos preserved during their engagement and conceived through In Vitro Fertilization.

Nick is pro-life and he wants to keep the embryos while Sofia has already moved on.

The two had drafted papers before undertaking the fertility process to handle the “what ifs” in the time of death. The issue is in dispute because, unfortunately, they haven’t considered separation.

The president and CEO of RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, Barbara Collura, told the Daily Beast “They generally cover all scenarios—death, divorce, separation, you name it,” “I’m a little surprised that the clinic documents they allegedly signed didn’t include that.” “State government, the federal government, and the court do not look upon frozen embryos as people.” “People need to be aware of that when going into this process. One of the partners can die while those embryos are stored, but certainly divorce or separation or just a change of heart on what family-building plans are, can also happen.”

The couple could find other alternatives other than giving up their parental rights and donating the embryos to someone else. Most legal experts say Loeb will have the bigger challenge in this battle.


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