NASA: Nobody is going to Mars without our Support

NASA really wants humans make it to Mars, and to be the first one that gets them there. For this, Charles Bolden NASA administrator made a blunt statement that “No commercial company without the support of NASA and government is going to get to Mars.”

This was during a U.S. House Committee meeting on Thursday that concentrated on the Science, Space and Technology. In that hearing the present NASA official, Charles Bolden was invited to speak his vision for NASA for the near and far future.

In his speech he constantly mentioned a manned mission to Mars that could come about by as early as 2030.

He strongly said that “No commercial company without the support of NASA and government is going to get to Mars.”

This is in response to a suggestion that the government agency could be entering a new space race to get to Mars like commercial spaceflight company SpaceX. Because currently, the private corporation SpaceX already has plan to send humans to Mars by the Mid-2020’s. This is without the support of NASA.

Mr. Bolden has emphasized the significance of NASA taking the lead in space exploration and not the private sector.

Bolden said, “Mars is the planet that is most like Earth. And it will sustain life when humans (NASA-trained astronauts) get there”. To achieve this, there must be a test facility available to them and human must be well trained to sustain life in red planet.

Different countries compete to be first to land on Mars. Without realizing that traveling to Mars is a hugely expensive process. SpaceX, a private spaceflight company has previously announced its ambitious plan to colonize Mars at a cost of $500,000 a trip. Who will invest that much in something that’s not going to have a fast return?


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