The Triple Increase in Teen E-cigarette Smoking Alarms Experts

Latest study discovered a dangerous increase in the number of teenagers using electronic cigarettes.

The new trend was released in a study by the Centers for Disease Control, about the e-cigarette using and how troublesome it could become considering the impact it would have on the new breed of teens in the country.

The new trend is ballooning in size. The e-cigarette has penetrated the teen market, studies showing more and more teens getting hooked to it.

“This is something new, this is a novelty.  That plays directly into the development of an adolescent,” stated Amy Lukowski, Clinical Director at National Jewish Health.

CDC reveals triple inrease in middle and high school teens just after a year using the latest kind of cigarette.

The noted increase in teens using it is not the only concern but also the amount of nicotine in it is what troubles the experts.

Dr. David Tinkleman , the Medical Director at National Jewish Health says the trend which has gone out of hand could be toxic to the teens’ brain development.

“There’s a part of the brain that’s called the limbic system that is very susceptible to the effects of nicotine.  It relates to behavior control as well as emotional development,” said Dr. Tinkleman.

The new kind of cigarettes contain nicotine as well as the old kind which is still addicting. Dr. Lukowski reveals that her addicton counselors receive 22,000 calls a month from people who are already hooked.

The glamorized new trend troubles her and foresees this to be a ballooning problem.

“With these new marketing techniques, we’ve opened the doors to a whole new generation,” said Dr. Lukowski.

The CDC has noted that the new kind of cigarette is the most popularly used by teens among other tobacco products.





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