Risk of having a Breast Cancer can be predicted though a New blood test, Study

A new blood test was developed by a team from the Danish Cancer Society, to accurately predict whether women will have a breast cancer in the near future for 2 to 5 years and is hoped to lead to better prevention as well as early treatment.

Professor Rasmus Bro at University of Copenhagen in Denmark expressed that the method is better than mammography because usual mammography could only be used when the disease had already occurred.

In the study, Danish Cancer Society observed 57,000 people for two decades. The approach for this analysis was adopted from food science that used complex processes. Scientists analyzed all compounds a blood sample unlike the usual practice of researchers to look for just a single biomarker to detect a specific disease.

Prof Bro explained, “When a huge amount of relevant measurements from many individuals is used to assess health risks – here breast cancer – it creates very high quality information. The more measurements our analyses contain, the better the model handles complex problems.”

In comparison, the new metabolic blood profile can predict the likelihood of a woman developing breast cancer with a sensitivity of up  to 80 percent, whereas a mammography can detect newly developed breast cancer with a sensitivity of only up to 75 percent.

Lars Ove Dragsted  a researcher from the University of Copenhagen said that no single part of the pattern is actually necessary nor sufficient. It is the whole pattern that predicts the cancer.

The researchers added that the new model does not disclose in terms of only a  single biomarker in relation to breast cancer, but it does reveal the importance of a set of biomarkers and their interactions.

The study has been published in the journal Metabolomics.


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