Consultations were made prior to the construction, why the protests now, Telescope Company

The construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope, in Mauna, Kea was again postponed due to the mounting protests from the Hawaiian natives who considered the site as sacred. This is according to Hawaii Governor David Ige last Friday.

Mauna Kea is considered the highest peak in the island, making it no mystery as to why it serves as the burial grounds of Hawaiian ancestors.

The governor didn’t mention any date for the resumption of the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope, a project of a non-profit organization. The postponement came after the policemen arrested some of the native protesters who refused to leave the construction site.

The incident has caught international attention and is giving the project a lot of negative publicity.

The site was chosen because of its favorable geographical location. The cloud cover offers the best condition for viewing deep space, but the natives won’t have any of it.

Aside from being the burial site of their ancestors, they also believe that the mountain is the cradle of the creation of the first Hawaiians.

Governor Ige said that the possibility of removing older telescopes from the site is a being considered in order to preserve the sacredness of the place.

Governor spokesperson Jodi Leong said that the governor will take active participation in discussing with the different groups the best course of action entire situation.

Ige said the Thirty Meter Telescope owners are legally bound to “use its discretion to proceed with construction.”

He also said that not everyone will concur with him on this, but they have “their right to appeal through the court system.”

He added that planners have spent seven years for the construction of the telescope.  They even went into consultation with the community concerning he projects and there were no objections then. It shouldn’t be surprising that the present situation is something they didn’t expect at all.




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