California is Now Measles Free, Health Officials

Disney measles is officially over in California, according to what California health officials said. The outbreak which started in the Disneyland last December has now come to an end with the last confirmed infection happening on March 2, officials announced last Friday. The cause of the infection that happened in the recreational parks was blamed on unvaccinated visitors.

The incident started exactly last December 28, 2014 and officially ended last March 10. No new cases were reported after that.

Approximately 147 people fell victim to the disease in California and seven other states. In California alone, 131 people were infected while 25 meow victims came from seven other states, Mexico, and Canada.

“We are pleased this outbreak is over, but caution that measles can be reintroduced in California at any time when an infected person brings it to the state,” said state health officer Dr. Karen Smith, director of the California Department of Public Health. “The best defense for protection against the highly infectious measles is vaccination.”

There were 173 cases reported in 17 states this year. In most cases, the victims were unvaccinated, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Scientists say the measles virus in this year’s outbreak matched one that was found in the Philippines last year, although the same strain was also present in other countries.

A lot of people blamed the anti-vaccine group for the widespread infection. Many parents prevented their children from being vaccinated due to the fear of developing autism; a claim which has been debunked and found fallacious by several other studies.

The worst measles outbreak after the vaccine was created happened in the year 2000 when 668 cases were reported in 27 states.

The measles outbreak has also prompted several states to do away with personal exemptions that parents enjoyed before, except for medical reasons.




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