Is Not a Threat to Net Neutrality – says Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg told critics of through Facebook that the advantages of providing internet access to developing countries – even if limited to Facebook, BBC news and Wikipedia to name a few – for free with no charges to consumer is of utmost importance. There is no conflict of net neutrality and it can coexist with the principle of universal connectivity.

Just days ago, news of Indian companies pulling out their support from  made headlines, when Indian activists for net neutrality have stirred up debates of whether  providing access to various media content in the internet is a violation of the principles of net neutrality – free and open Internet for all. is part of Zuckerberg’s plans of providing internet access to majority of the world’s populations that are still yet to be connected through Internet.

In his Facebook post, he reiterated that access to limited internet is better than no access at all. The program is not a hindrance and internet providers are welcome to join so that there are as many people connected as possible.

He further added in the comments section that providing all access to the internet is very expensive and explains the procedure on how service partners are chosen.




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