Therapeutic Marijuana is Now Legal to use in Georgia as the Governor Signs it into Law

Individuals with seizure disorders, multiple sclerosis and other sicknesses will be permitted to utilize a non-smoking type of medicinal cannabis in Georgia after the state’s Republican governor signed a measure sanctioning the medication on Thursday.

At the same time patients still may think that it hard to acquire the cannabis oil for their treatment, supporters said.

Under the law, which produces results quickly, patients who complete a screening methodology will be given documentation permitting them to have cannabis oil with a low rate oftetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the concoction in pot that delivers a high, Governor Nathan Deal said in a statement.

Those with malignancy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, mitochondrial ailment, Parkinson’s and sickle cell illness likewise will be qualified for the therapeutic marijuana.

“For the families enduring separation and patients enduring agony, the long wait is finally done,” Deal said in an announcement, alluding to families that moved out of state to places where the medication was at that point legitimate.

The bill’s sponsor, state Representative Allen Peake, said there are pharmaceutical organizations that will ship the low-THC oil to Georgia, where it stays illicit to develop cannabis.

The law does not allow the utilization of high-THC oil that may be required for patients with the more serious conditions, for example, cancer, Peake said.

Allen St. Pierre, executive director of the pro-marijuana group NORML, anticipated on Thursday that Georgia patients will face obstacles to lawfully acquire the marijuana oil allowed under the new law.

They will be compelled to buy it in different states, for example, Colorado, where pot is lawful, St. Pierre said. In any case, it is unlawful under those states’ laws and government law to convey drug across state lines to Georgia, he stated.

The representative’s office coordinated inquiries concerning how patients will have the capacity to get the medication to the state’s general health division, which declined to remark.

Georgia is the 12th U.S. state to accept the non-euphoric marijuana, St. Pierre said. Twenty-two states and the District of Columbia permit regular marijuana to be smoked for medicinal purposes.



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