Planetary Collision Made Life Possible on Earth

It started off with the Big Bang Theory and then came numerous other theories trying to comprehend the development of our earth from its formation to the present day. Just recently, another theory had spring maintaining that a Mercury-like celestial body collided with our planet some billion years ago which paved the way for life to flourish here on earth.

Scientists, in their in-depth analysis of the Earth’s mantle and core hypothesized that a clash must have took place a long time ago which made the Earth’s core hot. The heat in the core produces the magnetic screen defending earth and its inhabitants from the harmful cosmic radiation. Cosmic radiation has the effect of inhibiting the possibility of life here on earth.

The theory produced numerous studies which yielded several scientific evidences such as the one pointed out by Dr. Anke Wohlers and Prof. Bernard Wood that the Earth’s crust and mantle contain higher concentrations of neodymium and samarium, two rare earth metals, than what has been observed in meteorites.

The current balance of the components neodymium and samarium may have been caused by the incorporation into the Earth of high concentrations of the sulphur component. The massive collision and the incorporation of sulphur into our planet’s surface may have generated the heat source responsible for the Earth’s magnetic field which acts as a deflector of the harmful cosmic radiation.


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