Confirmed: Flavored Vapor of E-Cigarettes Damages the Lungs, Experts

Cigarettes have now revolutionized into what is known as e-cigarettes. Obsessed aficionado of these electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes better known as vapers bank on the idea that the vapors they inhale are far safer than the chemicals in tobacco cigarettes, however, American experts have challenged this concept in its latest study of the flavored e-juice used in some e-cigarettes. Experts found aldehydes-compounds in the flavored e-juice of these electronic cigarettes.

These compounds when inhaled can change breathing patterns by narrowing airway openings; these can also harm cells lining the airways, stimulating the white blood cells to enter the lungs. In a nutshell, it has the effect of damaging the lungs of anyone who inhales this substance.

What is more alarming to note is that statistics show that 5.8% of 10 to 11 year-olds have tried e-cigarettes while 12.3% of children aged 11 to 16 years have also tried puffing this modern cigarette.

The figures gathered from the study conducted calls for the need to implement regulatory actions such as requiring ingredient identification and limiting levels of some individual flavor chemicals.

The increasing trend of young non-smokers that have become vapers necessitates that the use of e-cigarettes be regulated for it could subvert the success of the present tobacco control plans; furthermore, the use of e-cigarettes could open the floodgates for the younger generation to be hooked on nicotine and tobacco use.

Over and beyond, the carcinogens and other toxins mixed with the e-juices of these e-cigarettes occupies the highest level of concerns that demand immediate action.


While others believe that puffing the flavored vapor of e-cigs is safe, scientists, on the other hand, do not concur with the evidence they obtained from the study they conducted, adding that the harmful effects of using e-cigarettes may be concealed by the idea that puffing e-cigs are safer than tobacco smoking.



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