Mayweather Amps Up Workout Training with Picture of Pacquiao: What Else is New

To keep his motivation up, Floyd Mayweather is amping up his training regimen, even resorting to an unconventional and slightly sadistic way.  The boxer, who’s latest boxing gig will be the mega fight happening this May 2 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas against pound-for-pound boxing champ Manny Pacquiao, has put a picture on the wall of Pacquiao next to his speed bag to make it look like he is punching Pacquiao in the face during his final media workout before the match.

Mayweather sparred with his sparring partner who wore body armour and did not throw punches while Mayweather delivered body shots.  He then worked on the heavy punching bag for punch power and boxing technique.

He believes it will be a very exciting fight given the difference in his and Pacquiao’s boxing style.  The two future hall-of-famers are at the height of their boxing careers and this match means that both are meeting at the top. Even with Pacquiao’s impressive 57W-5L-38KOs record, Mayweather is undeterred that this fight may mar his 47W-0L-26KOs fight record.

This fight has been on the negotiation table for many years, and after too many failed attempts of securing a fight between the 2, an agreement between the two camps has been made.

The media workout was attended by Acting supremo David Hasselhoff.



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