Guard Prevents Billionaire Peter Brant from Entering Ahead in the Dining Hall during the Tribeca Ball

Indeed, that is an interesting approach to respect a fella. Billionaire Peter Brant was a guest of honor at the Tribeca Ball at the New York Foundation of Arts; however, that didn’t inspire a persevering security gatekeeper who wouldn’t give him a chance to enter the lounge area in front of many ordinary visitors. A situation that he is not really used to.

“They needed to battle through 150 individuals to get to the front of the line, then he got into the entryway and they wouldn’t give him a chance to get to his table,” said one stunned witness. “His excellent wife (Stephanie Seymour) was getting squeezed up against by the swarm, everybody continued attempting to take his photo and make inquiries,” said our spy.

“He said, ‘I’m Peter Brant — I’m being privileged here tonight!” as per our insider. “At the same time the watchman said, ‘I couldn’t care less,’ and made him sit tight with other people for three to four minutes. He stamped his foot.

He raved and raved. He was not cheerful,” we’re told. At long last, once the lounge area was prepared, Brant conquered the charge on the way to his VIP table. “I felt awful for him really,” said our insider. “This is a man used to getting what he wants.” Once inside, Brant discovered himself enclosed by any semblance of John Varvatos, Calvin Klein and Mary-Kate Olsen.


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