Senator Marco Rubio still has a chance to win the presidential race

Senator Marco Rubio joined the bandwagon of presidential hopefuls  and has until the summer to make a good impression to jump from his 7th place position among other Republican wanna-be according to an independent political news group that compiles polling data, RealClearPolitics.

Jeb Bush, former Florida state governor and the current Wisconsin governor Scott Walker are the leading contender of the this presidential race at 17 % and 15 %, respectively.

Around this same time, during the last 2007 polls, leading the race were New York Republicans Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton for Democrats. Barack Obama lagged behind. So in this early junction of the campaign really does not matter much.

University of Virginia Center Director for Politics, Larry Sabato, has set Rubio in the top rank, together with Bush and Walker.

“He has all the elements, theoretically, to make it to the nomination and do well in the fall.  He has charisma, monetary support, he could use more, but he has enough. He has Hispanic connections, and he represents one of the mega-states,” Sabato said.

Rubio’s biggest challenge to date is the same as that of the other dozen potential candidates barely known publicly. Under the spotlight scrutiny,  they make blunders or something might creep into backgrounds which might become a critics’ fodder.

Rubio had a taste of that, when he fumbled as he reached for a water bottle during his  State of the Union speech in 2013 on national television.

He’s also has  to keep clearing up the conciliatory immigration spot he advocated in 2013 and which he eventually backed out from.

Up till then, Rubio was favored by the country’s conservatives, but he was viewed skeptically by loads of people when he pushed a bipartisan overhaul of the immigration system that was passed in the Senate last 2013. It held up in the House of Representatives.

He said he had since learned a  lesson about urging an overhaul of immigration laws before the nation’s borders are secured.

But his biggest threat yet is the Jeb-Bush aspect. Voters are going to see men with similar political backgrounds.

Rubio’s best chance to shine at the polls is to sell his heritage. His parents are Cuban immigrants who arrived in 1956 to America, with modest money, zero connections and limited education. They worked hard as bartender and  maid, and raised four kids,  all of whom are now living the American dream.


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