Chicxulub Crater: Does it Hold the Answer to the Question Concerning the Dinosaurs’ Extinction

Numerous debates have been done to speculate the kind of condition that followed after a massive asteroid hit the earth roughly 66 millions of years ago that may have caused the extinction of dinosaurs. Researchers are trying to understand the events that occurred after impact of the asteroid.

One theory is that there was alteration of the climate at that time – one that was not conducive for dinosaurs to live in. However, researchers are looking for answers as to what specific changes were there and the extent of these changes that were enough to prompt climate alteration.

The team plans to dig 5,000 feet beneath the surface of the to investigate the peak ring that the impact of the asteroid created. Sean Gulick, a member of the team from the University of Texas, has said that the Chicxulub impact crater has offered an incredible opportunity for scientists since its discovery 20 years ago. He added that the peak ring will serve as a “record of material” that the team, along with the core of the crater that they are going to pull up to the surface, will examine.

This research will be a huge find for the team and one that will be noted in the history books in the years to come. This research might give light to several uncertainties surrounding the dinosaurs’ plight after the asteroid’s impact.


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