Health Advocates to NY Congress: Oblige Sugary Drinks to Warn Buyers about their Dangers Similar to Cigarette Packs



Public health supporters encouraged New York state lawmakers Monday to oblige marks on sugary beverages to caution purchasers about the dangers of obesity, diabetes and tooth rot.


The proposed command, now pending in the state Assembly, comes as states the nation over think about the expenses — human and budgetary — of obesity and other diseases related to the American diet.


Sharon Akabas, an educator at Columbia University’s Institute of Human Nutrition, told state lawmakers Monday that names could dishearten the consumptions of items connected to a considerable rundown of unsafe and costly health conditions. Akabas was one of a few public health specialists to voice support for the legislation at the hearing held in New York City.

“My hope would be that it would be a national label,” she stated.

The labels — which would look like those on cigarette packs — would go on jars and containers of standard soda, juices, teas and different drinks sweetened with sugar.


Retailers and refreshment organizations restrict the thought. Maston Sansom of the Food Industry Alliance of New York State, a supermarket exchange group, said makers and retailers shouldn’t need to battle with confounding marking necessities that shift by state. Also, he doubted why sugar-sweetened refreshments were being singled out when candy or other unhealthy foods were not.

“It’s such a complicated issue,” he stated. “There needs to be more focus on education as opposed to just singling out this one product.”

The measure confronts huge difficulties in the Legislature, especially in the Republican-controlled Senate. Commentators at Monday’s listening to said its gullible to think labels on soda will prevent overindulgence.

“We have warning labels on alcoholic beverages, but apparently old and young alike aren’t getting the message,” said Assemblyman Andrew Raia, a Long Island Republican.

Similar marking standards have been proposed, yet so far not passed, in California and Vermont. Different states have also looked at special taxes on sugar, yet so far one and only city — Berkeley, California — has imposed such a tax.


A ban on supersize sugary beverages proposed in New York City was struck down by the courts.




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