Annegret Raunigk, the 65-year-old German woman who’s five months pregnant with quadruplets is healthy and fit to give birth

Raunigk, a Russian and English primary teacher from the Spandau district of Berlin, recognizes in the meeting on RTL TV’s “Extra”— which is tailing her unexpected pregnancy week by week — that the strategy by which she was embedded with four fetuses is not legal in Germany, which permits it just for ladies under 40. That is the reason she traveled to Ukraine to have it done, she says.

The four infants are expected in August — just in time for Raunigk’s retirement from the school system.

Raunigk first made news in 2005, when she conceived an offspring at age 55 to her 13th youngster, a little girl named Lelia. She told RTL that she looked for the new pregnancy in light of the fact that the majority of Lelia’s siblings are adults and Lelia wanted brothers and sisters closer to her own age.

In the “Extra” portion that publicized Monday night, Lelia is available for a medical examination of her mother and seems stunned when she hears the gynecologist refer to Raunigk’s “extreme risk pregnancy” — which he says could end seriously for her mother.

The gynecologist, Dr. Kai Hertwig, tells RTL: “We have little or no experience with a pregnant woman of this age, but currently the pregnancy is going very well.”

Indeed, even the program’s host appears to be in doubt, saying on camera: “I wonder how she can meet the needs of her adolescent children” — particularly since the kids’ sperm benefactor father isn’t known and since Raunigk would be well over 80 when they turn adulthood.

But Raunigk states: “I’m not afraid. I just assume that I will stay healthy and fit.”








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