NASA Chief Advisor on ETs: The Proof Speaks for Itself: it’s Only a Matter of Time Before we See Them


Humanity is on the edge of discovering extraterrestrial life. NASA scientists believe that they’re going to have definitive evidence within for the discovery of life beyond Earth. This was the statement made by Ellen Stofan, the NASA chief scientist, during a panel discussion on the space agency’s efforts to search for habitable worlds and alien life.

Recent discoveries have shown that water is common throughout our solar system and the broader Milky Way galaxy.

For instance, Mars now seem to be uninhabitable, but the abundance of water, like lakes, rivers and oceans, sparks the hope of the presence of living organisms.

Furthermore, recent observations suggest that alien life in other worlds might be more common than was initially thought. As a matter of fact, it is believed that most star in the sky hosts planets. Another study put forth the hypothesis that those stars located in our galaxy has around 2 planets within the habitable range, known as “Goldilocks zone”. The latter is the spot where liquid water could exist.

Other studies suggest that giant planets could also have such habitable zones. Scientists are therefore highly optimistic about discovering life elsewhere.

Even in Jupiter, life might be within the reach. Europa, its icy moon is said to have a vast deep subsurface ocean. The water located there is not completely frozen in spite of the strong tidal forces brought about by Jupiter’s force of gravity. It is also believed that Ganymede, another satellite of Jupiter, holds a saltwater ocean in its midst.

Enceladus, a moon of Saturn, has also shown signs of a liquid water ocean underneath its surface.

On top of it, technology as we know it is expected to develop further – this implies that the possibility will be even more promising. NASA is planning out a mission to Europa which may launched by 2022. It also intends to send its James Webb Space Telescope to search the worlds of nearby super-Earths.

Maybe it’s true that hunting for evidence of alien life might be very near to achieve.



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